Cocktail Drink Mixes


Traditional frozen favorite cocktails often include popular ingredients like rum, tequila, or vodka, as well as fruit juices or syrups for added flavor. Some of the most popular frozen cocktails include Daiquiris, Margaritas, and Piña Coladas, all of which are perfect for sipping on any day.


Wine-based frozen cocktails, like Frosé, Bellini, or Sangria are perfect for wine lovers who want to enjoy their favorite drink in a refreshing, icy form. These cocktails often combine wine with fresh fruits, syrups, and other ingredients to create a delightful & easy-to-sip treat.


Frozen craft cocktails are a popular trend in mixology, blending the art of cocktail making with the fun and refreshing qualities of frozen drinks. These creative cocktails often feature unique ingredients and innovative flavor combinations, such as a Cold Fashioned,
Mai Tai, Moscow Mule and more!

About our

Cocktail Drink Mixes

At BAJA MAMAS our primary focus is on delivering an exceptional taste experience to our customers. We believe that every cocktail should be a unique and memorable experience, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that our Gourmet Cocktail Mixes, Wine Based Frozen Cocktails and our Craft Frozen Cocktails are created with the best ingredients and attention to detail.

To achieve this, we source only the freshest and highest quality fruit purees and juices available. We’re proud to manufacture our mixes right here in Tucson, Arizona, where we can closely monitor every step of the production process to ensure that we’re delivering only the best to our customers.

One of the things that sets our mixes apart is the fact that we use only pure cane sugar or agave nectar, as sweeteners. We avoid the use of high-fructose corn syrup, which can compromise the quality and taste of our products.

By using only the best ingredients and paying close attention to every detail, we’ve created a line of Gourmet Cocktail Mixes, Wine Based Frozen Cockails, and Craft Frozen Cocktails that are truly exceptional. Whether you’re looking to create a classic Margarita, a Cold Fashioned or experiment with a new and exciting cocktail, our mixes are the perfect choice for anyone who values taste and quality.

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