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Add some chill vibes to your party by renting a frozen drink machine and serving up tasty and refreshing beverages. Imagine a frozen drink machine, spewing out slushies and daiquiris, keeping your guests cool on a hot summer day.

Chocolate cascading down, tempting your taste buds and satisfying your sweet tooth. Or opt for one of our Savory Fondue Fountains with your choice of sauces

Who can resist a shave ice machine, creating colorful and delicious shaved ice, perfect for those who want a refreshing treat? Even better with our all natural Gourmet Flavors or Fruit Raspados

Are you ready to add some pop to your party? Renting a popcorn machine is a guaranteed way to keep your guests happy and satisfied, and who doesn’t love the delicious smell of buttery popcorn filling the room?

Renting a nacho machine can turn any ordinary party into a fiesta! Your guests will love the smell of melted cheese and freshly made tortilla chips. So, why settle for plain old snacks when you can add some spice to your celebration?


Get ready to spin up some sweetness with a cotton candy machine rental! Whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding, renting a cotton candy machine is an excellent way to add a fun and delicious element to your celebration

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Party Rentals

Are you ready to turn up the fun factor at your party? With Baja Mamas Party Rentals, you can transform your celebration into a paradise of deliciousness! Picture yourself sipping on a slushy or daiquiri from a frozen drink machine, or indulging in a chocolate fountain that’s oozing with melted chocolate. And if that’s not enough to make your taste buds tingle, imagine slurping on a refreshing and colorful shaved ice treat from a shave ice machine.

But wait, there’s more! Baja Mamas Party Rentals, also offer nacho and popcorn machine rentals, perfect for satisfying those savory cravings while you dance the night away. These machines bring a unique and playful touch to any event and are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your guests.

So, forget the party planning stress and let Baja Mamas Party Rentals, do the work! They’ll provide everything you need to make your event unforgettable, from the setup to the cleanup. All you have to do is enjoy the festivities and make memories with your guests that will last a lifetime!

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