6 Fruits to Substitute for Lime in your Margarita

Looking to mix up your margarita game? While limes are a classic garnish for this beloved cocktail, incorporating other fruits can add exciting new flavors and colors to your drink. Check out these six fruity substitutions that will take your margarita to the next level.

Orange peel
Instead of using a lime wedge, why not try an orange peel as a garnish for your next margarita? Cut a piece of orange peel into a fun shape, such as a star or heart, and slide it onto the side of the glass. This is a great way to highlight the orange juice in your margarita and add a festive touch to your drink.

Strawberry slices
Complement the tangy flavor of your margarita with fresh strawberry slices. Thinly slice strawberries and place them on top of your frozen margarita. This is a perfect garnish for any tropical margarita flavor, such as peach or mango.

Watermelon chunks
Add a summery touch to your margarita by using chunks of seedless watermelon as a garnish. The pink color of the fruit looks great with the green drink, and the porous texture of watermelon is perfect for soaking up the cocktail.

Pineapple wedge
For a tropical twist, slice small wedges of pineapple to sit on the side of your margarita glass. Pineapple pairs well with many margarita flavors, and you can freeze extra pineapple slices to save time in the future.

Starfruit slice
Give your margarita an exotic touch with a thin slice of starfruit. This visually pleasing fruit is sweet and available at many grocery stores. The star shape makes for a beautiful garnish that will impress your guests.

Real cherries
Skip the artificial maraschino cherries and opt for fresh cherries instead. Blend a few into the drink before pouring it into the glass, then top with a few pitted cherries for a sweet and tart cocktail.

Experimenting with different fruit garnishes is a fun way to elevate your margarita game. Try these six substitutions and see which ones become your new favorites. Cheers

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